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Mobile Dentist, Dr. Will offers mobile dental services for those in Los Angeles and
Orange County California area who are incapable of obtaining treatment.

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Our mobile dental clinic provides outstanding service. We travel to our patients' homes, whether they are in a private house, an assisted living facility, or somewhere else, and we make dental care more easier for our patients and their caregivers.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service with care and compassion as the best mobile dentist in Southern California. Our primary goal is to give the most technologically and medically sophisticated solutions that allow our patients to preserve their function and comfort. We can assist you with anything from routine dental exams to fillings, extractions, denture care, and emergency dental care.

When you choose Mobile Dental Care, you can be confident that you or the person you treatment for is receiving the best mobile dental care available in California. To receive more information, contact us today.

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What we do

Mobile Dental Services

Routine & Preventative Care

Preventative and diagnostic care, guaranteeing that each patient's dental health is restored. Oral health is crucial to an individual's overall health.

X-Ray and Diagnostic Imaging

An x-ray and, in some cases, diagnostic imaging are required to complete a full diagnostic examination. To accommodate persons with restricted mobility


Our dentists handle all fittings, assuring a quality result with minimal time and inconvenience for the patient. We ensure full quality control as well as quick turnarounds by utilizing our own lab.

Surgical Care

Mobile Dental is prepared to perform several of the most common oral procedures directly at our patients' bedsides.

Restorative Dentistry

Mobile Dental will work to restore a patient's mouth to a functional and esthetic state, using amalgam and composite fillings as needed.


24-hour dental emergency hotline to ensure that none of our patients are denied the attention and treatment they deserve.

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